Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Korean Drama Soundtracks To Download

These are 10 songs that you have heard in your favorite korean dramas. You can just listen, sing, or download these songs. I will post more links next time.

1.  1% of Anything OST
     Title: Chut Sarang / Chotsarang
     Singer: Kim Byung Hwa
     Track No 2

2.  9 End 2 Outs OST
     Title: Sarangdanggigi / Sarang Dang Gi Gi
     Singer: Mose
     Track No 3

3.  A Love to Kill OST 
     Title: Ggum / Dream
     Singer: K. Will
     Track No. 4

4. All About Eve OST 
     Title: You Can't Say / Chigum Chorom Man / Just Like Now
     Singer: Mina
     Track No. 2

5. Billie Jean Look At Me OST
     Title: Angel
     Singer: Sunday The Grace
     Track No. 1

6.  Coffee Prince OST 
     Title: White Love Story
     Singer:As One
     Track No. 5

7.  Delighful Girl Chun Hyang OST / Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST 
     Title: Mianhaeya Hanun-goni / Mi Ahn Haeyah Hahnuhn Guhni
     Singer: As One
     Track No. 5

8.  Fashion 70's OST
     Title: Ga Seum Ah Pa Do / Kasum Apado
     Singer: Fly to the Sky / Hwanhee
     Track 3

9.  Full House OST
     Title: Choumgujariye (Opening Theme)
     Singer: Lee Bo Ram
MP3   |   WMA  |  Choumgujariye Lyrics 

10. Hello Miss OST
      Title: Stay By My Side
      Singer: Miya
      Track No. 3